2020, What a Year

November Updates from FIREUP

My question for coaches in 2021. How do we best support individuals and organisations to either recover, rebound or regenerate in 2021?

Coaching is well recognised as being one of the most important methodologies to boost business results as well as bolster mental health and wellbeing, individually and organisationally.

Coaching will play an important part in assisting leaders in transitioning one of the most complex times in history. Humans crave certainty and reassurance, which is why even if a leader does not follow through, if they claim to be able to deliver what people crave, there is a tendency for people to accept that.

I was teaching NLP for Coaching last week and the topic was presuppositions and embedded commands which can be used for good or for evil.

“If I claim of my competitor that “Everyone knows about XYZ Coaching…can you believe what XYZ Coaching are saying – it’s a good thing that FIREUP Coaching knows everything there is to know about coaching. In fact, FIREUP knows so much about coaching – I would guess there isn’t anyone else who knows that much about coaching!”

Does that have a scary familiarity to it if you change the context? That first sentence has lots of what we call presuppositions in it.

A presupposition in NLP terms is defined as “convenient assumptions or beliefs that are plausible and generally good to assume.” In NLP we aim to use positive ones for the purpose of helping relationships, improving communication and gaining the right mindsets for creating excellence.

Presuppositions, however, can be used in the reverse and harm relationships, damage communication and create a shift in mindset that is detrimental to the person and society.

If you look at my first sentence about XYZ coaching the presuppositions in the sentence are:
1. That we know specifics about XYZ that we probably don’t.

2. That we know what XYZ has been saying (when we probably don’t).

3. It embeds a question about XYZ’s claims – are they true or are they false. It says nothing really, but out unconscious mind is picking up on the implied meaning.

An embedded command is “a command that is inside a longer sentence marked out by voice, tone or gesture.” NLP tells us that we are all deleting, distorting and generalising information every minute of the day. “Embedded Commands gets past this barrier and they are embedded at a deeper level” (nlpworld.co.uk).

The second sentence goes on to embed messages about FIREUP Coaching that will potentially influence the listener or reader to think we are superior to XYZ (which of course I want you to believe) but is an example of a sentence missing evidence of how we know that. Embedded commands are used to bypass the conscious mind. To create genuine trust I would go on and list specifics which is what gives credibility and establishes authenticity.

What is my point here?

My point is that as a coach we need to understand the power of language to persuade and influence people. We need to use it with awareness and positive intentions. We need to earn the trust of our clients and not just be clever at manipulating language like a politician’s speech writer.

It may be too early to predict the emotional impact on people longer term, and with different parts of the country having experienced totally different restrictions, we need to tread carefully when making generalisations about the impacts of Covid 19. We need to stop and think about the language we are using, the presuppositions, the potential to embed meaning that was not intended.

Coaches need to be qualified and continually learning in order to support others in a transformational way.

Coaching is client centred and as such the power of coaching is being present to what is happening specifically in this moment for this person or this business.

At FIREUP, we are able to look back on 2020 as a huge challenge but with rewards and results we could never have imagined in 2019.

We are now fully online thanks to a full team effort. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all my team. Kylie and Deidre spent months redesigning the 10857NAT Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and 10714NAT Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. Steve has worked tirelessly to design our own FIREUP BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management that is engaging and empowering unlike many of the fully self paced versions. He and Craig have worked evenings and weekends to deliver to a program in Tasmania for Primary Employers Tasmania and Rural Youth Tasmania. 45 participants have been funded thanks to Skills Funding Tasmania and are 75% of the way through the program. See what the CEO of Rural Youth, Karen Robinson, had to say here. Craig has taken on whatever we need when we need and our team meetings have been a source of inspiration to me all year.

We have also had the wonderful input of 2 interns this year, Caleb and Clarion, who I am excited to say are now joining the team. Berni joined us for a couple of months to get the compliance up to date and hand the batton to Caleb and Clarion who are formally part of the team from October 15th. See all our team profiles on the website at www.fireup.com.au. Berni will be leaving next week to take on a new role and we wish her all the best.

Thanks to all our students who have embraced the challenges and learning’s of 2020 – what amazing people we are fortunate to work with every day.


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Registrations being taken now for 2021 February intakes 10857NAT Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching,10714 Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

For inhouse Coach Training or our new Emotional Intelligence in the workplaces using Roche Martin’s new profile email kathy.mckenzie@fireup.com.au

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