Accredited Coaching?

How to know where to go

“If failure is not an option, then neither is success” – Seth Godin.

Last week I got a call from someone asking me what is business coaching? That for me poses more questions than the one asked. The first one being “Did you google that?” However, I know that most people google everything, so a better question would be: “Why have you chosen to ask me what business coaching is?” Obviously, the answer from the internet or from their lived experience has left them confused.

Indeed, this was the case. For the sake of privacy I will call the builder I spoke with Jake.

Jake’s story is indeed common. When the government grants during Covid were announced and could be applied to a variety of interventions, one option listed as being eligible for the grant was business coaching. Given that Jake’s business had been significantly impacted in the previous 12 months by a number of factors, Covid being only one of them, he decided he would put in a business grant for $10,000. I asked with great trepidation – “Jake, please tell me you did not use the whole $10,000 on business coaching?” His answer was – “I wish I had only used $10,000.”

My heart sank.

It is a blight on our industry that there are people who claim to be business coaches when they have no coaching qualifications as coaches, no integrity and prey upon vulnerable business people who are trusting and do not realise that there is an avenue to check the credentials of someone claiming to be a “business coach”.

Jake unfortunately paid $18,000.00 to a so called coach associated with a business franchise that has had numerous law suits against it. The shocking thing is that these businesses factor in a “war chest”. They know a business person like Jake will be advised that the amount to pursue legal action will be more than the contract they engaged in. This is why checking that a business coach has qualifications and adheres to the International Coaching Federation ethics is essential.

Jake called me because FIREUP showed up on the ICF website as being an Accredited Coach Training Program with the International Coaching Federation and as having a Nationally Accredited Qualification in Australia. I was able to explain to him that an accredited coach, such as myself and those I train, adheres to the ICF code of ethics and the general conditions of a coaching contract and relationship.

I have been involved with the ICF for nearly 20 years because I know that when done professionally coaching changes lives. When done purely to make money, as with this consultant, who has worked out how to tap funding to make huge profits, it leaves people exposed and even more vulnerable as they often commit more than they can afford in the hope of achieving an outcome that does not happen.

These people have been tarnishing the industry I love since I started. However, I am thankful now that, as the ICF becomes a truly global force, the need for coaches to be accredited will be taken seriously.

I do not want the Jakes of the world thinking that people who over charge, act like are above those they coach and brag about “leveraging” to make money are business coaches.

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