Are you ready to blossom for 2019?

When we moved into our new home last year the backyard was an absolute jungle after being left to self seed and grow randomly for 15 years.

It has taken a lot of work (not by me I might say!) to clear weeds and non natives and get it looking beautiful.
My only contribution was to transplant these plants from where they were being choked by weeds to a garden bed on the side.
For the last 6 months I kept looking at them thinking they were really struggling and potentially never going to thrive.

I have been working in Adelaide a lot this year so it was with the greatest joy that when I arrived home last Thursday to see the transformation.
At last they were not just looking like bits of grass but blossomed into beautiful pink blooms which are scattered all around the yard.
I was so excited and of course cannot help but turn it into a learning metaphor!!!

Often we invest a lot in own learning and it doesn’t seem to be getting the results we desire. Be patient – worthwhile investments take time to bloom!
You must keep planting the mental seeds of growth as all new gardens need time to take hold, time to grow and time to thrive.
Now is the time to be setting the foundations for a prosperous 2019.

If you are a small business in QLD you may be eligible for the Small Business Entrepreneurs Grant which closed this Friday – December 13th.

If you are thinking of doing our Accredited Coach Training it could fund half allowing you to start the year on a really positive note.

We also have a new Small Business Coaching Program that we can supply you with a quote for your application. The 12 month program is $7500.00 of which you may be able to get a co-contribution of $3750.00 and this program is guaranteed to kick start you for 2019 – Call Kathy for more details 0409686772 – remember the applications close 5pm this Friday.

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