Beware Neurobunk






Written by Kathy McKenzie

It seems currently that everything has “neuro” in the title.  Once upon a time “neuro” was assigned to geeks and physicists,  however it has well and truly hit the mainstream.

From neuroeconomics to neuroleadership it seems that suddenly understanding the neuro side of things is essential.  Now, I am not about to say that it is not important, because obviously it is the foundational understanding of all our programs, however just a word of caution about checking the credibility of the source.

Marketers have realised the power of the brain but not for the reasons you may be thinking.  I mean the power of the image of a brain.

I was watching Molly Crockett on a Ted Talk last week on Neurobunk and there is actually research that shows that by associating the image of a brain to information, people take it as being more credible.  So pay attention – did the image of the brain at the top of this page catch your attention?  If it did just notice what you associate with that image.  Is it intelligence, complexity, curiosity – what do you think about when you see a brain?

There is actually “neuro drinks” that on their labels lay claim to helping you think clearer, make better decisions and be more alert.  All this in 250mls – amazing!

The great news is that whilst the labelling and marketing gimmicks may be questionable, in terms of the scientific evidence, there is so much wonderful new research coming out every day that supports Leaders in creating the next level of workplace culture. This is where the coaching and leadership mindset and skills become pivotal.

Check out our Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for information about how we incorporate neuroscience into our programs.  If you’d like to arrange an appointment with Suzi to discuss how the our programs can support the Leadership in your organisation, email or phone 1300 347 387.

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