Celebrate NAIDOC Week

The first time I heard Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu it sent shivers through me. He is without a doubt one of the most important voices to have ever come out of Australia. My friend Scott Wood introduced me to his music many years ago and I highly recommend when you first play his album you make sure you are somewhere beautiful, peaceful and can listen completely and uninterrupted. You can feel the spirit of the land and his people through his songs.
Born blind, Gurrumul Yunupingu first picked up a guitar at the age of six, learning to play it upside down because he was left handed.

This week is NAIDOC week and NITV kicked off the viewing this week with the documentary on Gurrumul. It is such a powerful story and watching the bond between Gurrumul and Michael Hohnen speaks to the tagline “Lets work together for a shared future” Theirs was truly a shared experience.

We still have a long way to go in  honouring our traditional land owners and wish I had more aptitude for languages when I am starting training and speaking gigs all over Australia and trying to get my tongue around the correct pronunciation.

Fortunately the point is not about me getting it perfect every time but acknowledgement.


A world where everyone is encouraged to realise their individual strengths and potential.


To offer people the tools and training needed to evolve and realise their full potential, leading to transformations of themselves and their organisations.


• You can achieve more than you think.
• There’s always room for growth.
• It’s never too late to learn.
• You can accomplish things you never thought possible.
• Challenging yourself is the key to development.
• With the right tools you can change your world.

The opportunity to work with the Victorian Public Sector Commission delivering the  Aboriginal Career Development Program allowed us to fully live our vision and mission.

We are grateful that we had the chance to work over 3 years with many Aboriginal Public Servants to help them find their voice.

We honour their commitment to public service and their desire to improve the future for all communities.

Our goal now is to support the accreditation of a cohort of Aboriginal Coaches who can further impact their communities through coaching going forward.

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