Course Overview

Welcome to Conversational Intelligence ® C-IQ®

Judith E.Glaser was an Organisational Anthropologist and world-leading authority on WE-centric Leadership. This program draws from the Conversational Intelligence ® program she facilitated for coaches globally. Kathy McKenzie, Director of FIREUP Coaching is an Accredited C-IQ ® Coach and has co-created this program to introduce you to the world of C-IQ ®.

Kathy was fortunate to participate in Judith’s program in 2017 before she passed away. Honoring her legacy we offer you customized workshops utilizing this model for creating great awareness of how to develop C-IQ ®. “To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations” Judith E.Glaser

Welcome to Conversational Intelligence

We all want to build stronger and more meaningful relationships, and some fascinating insights are emerging about how better conversations can help us to achieve this. The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least-developed skills, yet it is also one of the most vital.

Connecting with others—and creating the emotional space for others to open up—requires deep trust. Without this trust, we struggle to achieve extraordinary results. This workshop is to introduce you to the power of Conversational Intelligence ® (C-IQ).

The C-IQ methodology draws on the latest research in neuroscience and the Chemistry of Conversations.

Course Structure

In this workshop we will learn:

  • What C-IQ® is
  • The impact of neurotransmitters and how they activate
  • The relationship between neurotransmitters and how we respond to, interact with, and influence others, even in the course of the most difficult conversations.
  • Recognising some techniques for elevating the chemistry of our positive connections and lowering the chemistry of our fears and distrust.
  • Helping us transform our interactions with friends, family, co-workers, and bosses as we learn to handle challenges and difficulties in healthier and more productive ways.

This 3 hours online workshop gives you a roadmap for mutually successful conversations!

Course Schedule


2nd December 2020 (Wednesday)

9:30am – 12:30pm Melbourne time

Location: Online Zoom Session


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