Course Overview

Kathy’s latest recommendation for professional development for coaches and leaders is around Conversational Intelligence®.  Kathy will be delivering some of the key concepts learnt from Judith.E Glaser’s model.

What is Conversational Intelligence®

Conversational Intelligence® explores the latest developments in the field of neuroscience to give you new frameworks and methodologies that support you in having even more powerful coaching conversations.

A big focus of this program is Co-Creating.  What is Co-Creating you ask?  Co-Creating is getting together and asking questions for which we do not know the answers.  It is then about creating a space for conversations that explore the unknown and create new ways of doing, being and thinking together.

Course Structure

Delivered over 2 x half days. the outcomes for this program are:

  • Learn about the impact of the quality of conversations and how the latest research in neuroscience supports the critical understanding of how to move conversations into the most productive realms.
  • Understand what is called the Epigenetics of Conversations. This relates to how we ‘transcribe new mind-opening, or mind-closing patterns and pathways in our brains’
  • Learn to recognise the impact of neurochemistry in the moment of having a conversation and how we can maximise connection and minimise resistance in any conversation.
  • Learn to activate new neural circuitry in your clients.  Support the development of a growth mindsets in your clients and those around you by a powerful awareness of the impact of language patterns and physiology on creating change.

Forthcoming Course Dates