Course Overview

The FIRE UP Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring includes all the content from the Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and expands on that to how you implement coaching and mentoring into an organisational setting.  This qualification is for organisational leaders, emergent leaders, team managers and individuals who are required to lead, coach and mentor as part of their role.


The FIREUP Coaching Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (10714NAT) is one of the most comprehensive programs to develop you as a Leader, Coach and Mentor.  This program is specifically different in that it addresses Leadership competencies rather than Management.

Leaders who continue on from on the Certificate IV pathway to the Diploma will have the skills to implement coaching techniques, in their role and to mentor others around creating a positive workplace culture.  Companies can no longer achieve results using traditional management approaches and coaching qualifications meet the new needs of this rapidly changing environment we now find ourselves in.

The course content was updated in 2019 which has proved very timely, to ensure it meets the current challenges of Leaders in navigating the volatility and complexity of pandemic times.

Leader during  Covid 19 have required strength and flexibility which this course teaches. This course ensures that Leaders are well equipped with the knowledge and skills both emotionally and operationally to support individual, team and organisational success.

The course is a unique combination of the following methodologies:

  • Whole Brain Thinking – utilising the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Strengths Based Approach
  • Leading conversations constructively and collaboratively


The course utilises are own coaching model REACH and our program FIREUP which graduates are free to use in their own organisational rollouts once qualified.


REACH = Rapport Explore Action Clarify Honour

FIREUP = Focus Intention Results Evaluate Upgrade Perform


As a graduate of this program will also have satisfied the requirements of the International Coaching Federation to become a Professional Certified Coach.  As an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) this is the highest level of coach training available with the ICF.

FIREUP is required to adhere to high criteria and standards to maintain their ACTP status. When you combine that with the rigor or maintaining an Australian Qualification you can be ensured of transformative training.


The purpose of this course is to qualify leaders to work effectively as accredited coaches and mentors as part of their roles. The alignment of the course to the new release ICF Core Competencies and inclusion of new ICF Team Coaching Competencies makes it one of the most relevant and current leadership qualifications available.

*If you want to enroll in this course, you will need your own Unique Student Identifier (USI) which you can create one here.

Course Structure

Module 1 – Foundations of Positive Change

This module will cover the following :

  • What is coaching?
  • Cognitive realities & frames
  • Thinking preferences
  • (HBDI)
  • Foundation coaching skills
  • NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Managing emotions

Units of competency :

NAT10857001 – Adopt a positive, supportive and flexible coaching style based on awareness of self and others

NAT10857002 – Establish foundations of the coaching relationship


Module 2 – Creative Planning and Prioritising

This module will cover the following :

  • Planning & prioritising
  • Creativity in coaching
  • Overcoming blocks
  • Promoting coaching
  • Developing a successful business

Units of competency :

NAT10857003 – Build rapport and evoke awareness in the client

NAT10857004 – Partner with client to develop a coaching plan to facilitate learning and growth


Module 3 – Values Exploration

This module will cover the following :

  • Thinking & communication
  • Coaching and values
  • Values and sustainable change
  • Values clarification and alignment

Units of competency :

NAT10857005 – Facilitate client’s progress and accountability

BSBREL402* – Build client relationships and business networks

NAT10857006 – Challenge client to transform limiting beliefs and behaviour and align with core values


Module 4 – The Accomplished Coach
  • Advanced coaching techniques
  • Positive Psychology and positive intention
  • Promoting coaching and developing a successful business
  • FIREUP framework

Units of competency :

NAT10857005 – Facilitate client’s progress and accountability

BSBREL402* – Build client relationships and business networks

NAT10857006 – Challenge client to transform limiting beliefs and behaviour and align with core values


Module 5 – The Leader as Coach and Mentor
  • Workplace project
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Creating a workplace learning environment
  • Leading in rapidly changing times

Units of competency :

BSBLDR805 – Lead and influence change

BSBLDR501 – Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBLED501 – Develop a workplace learning environment

PSPGEN053 – Provide leadership

LCMCOM001 – Provide leadership in developing and implementing a coaching and
mentoring plan

PSPGEN048 – Support workplace coaching and mentoring


Mentor Coaching

A Mentor Coaching Session is conducted in Module 1 / Module 2 and Module 3 and is 30 to 45mins long.  You will conduct a mentor coaching session with other students in your class/session.  This will be observed live by a FIRE UP Mentor Coach within a ZOOM workshop session or live via video.


Triad Coaching

The Triad Coaching Session is generally 20 to 45mins long.  You will require three (3) people in your triad, yourself as the coach, a client and an observer.  Your session will be arranged by yourself and is conducted in your own time.  This will be recorded and given to your trainer as evidence.


Client Coaching

Once you have completed your Mentor and Triad coaching sessions you are required to conduct an initial client coaching session. This will be recorded and given to your trainer as evidence. Your session should be a 45-60 minutes long.


Business Loyalty Program

This assessment is prepared in Module 3 and pitched/delivered in Module 4.  The preparation will take you a minimum of a week.   You will be required to record and submit this as part of your evidence.  In this assessment you are required to:

  • Design a client loyalty program
  • Identify and attend two or more networking or professional development opportunities
  • Pitch your client loyalty program to a minimum of two people (pitch to be submitted in module 4)


Self-Paced study

Minimum of 3 hours per week.  This will mainly be to review all training sessions conducted during the previous week and prepare for coaching sessions.

Moodle – eLearning

Your self-paced learning will be done through our Learner Management System called Moodle.  Moodle works best with Google Chrome internet browser.

  • You will need a working laptop / desktop and access to the internet.
  • Self-paced refers to the time required to read, understand and complete your assessments.


ICF Mentor Coaching Demonstration

Live coaching session conducted by a qualified ACF Coach demonstrating the ICF Core competencies.


ZOOM Webinars

All of the FIRE UP webinars are delivered using ZOOM.  If you don’t already have a ZOOM account, you can sign up for an account it’s free.

  • Webcam and microphone – ZOOM can be used on your phone / laptop or tablet


*unit has been superseded by BSBTWK401 – Build and maintain business relationships, 18 months transition period applies from 18 October 2020

Course Schedule

Delivery Mode: Online facilitator led

Timing – New programs commence at regular intervals and we offer weekend and weekday options.
Webinars are scheduled on Zoom for durations of 2.5 hours morning and afternoon commencing at 930am Melbourne time

The next weekend intake commences March 12
The next weekday intake commences February 16th

Group sizes are limited to 12 students

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