Course Overview


FIRE UP Basics is an introductory course to coaching, customised for the young generation who are new to the coaching industry and want to know more about it. FIRE UP Basics is an easy, self-paced course that focuses on fundamental coaching skills and enables you to apply valuable coaching techniques to yourself and those around you. It will also look at more in-depth aspects of coaching, having weekly sessions with one of our professional coaches. FIRE UP Basics is the spark in igniting your coaching potential.

FIRE UP Coaching® brings you a course which will give you the skills to:

Explore the impact of different perceptions

Understand the levels of learning

Learn focus and control tools

Gain skills in reframing life’s wants and haves

Maintain a positive mindset

Make use of effective questioning skills

Start your own path as a coach!


Course Structure

Week 1 – Explore how our perceptions, misperceptions and ideas impact our reality, and also explore coaching versus other approaches and when to use them.

Week 2 – Understand all of the levels of learning and how to recognise and use them for positive change.

Week 3 – Learn useful focus and control tools and how to apply them.

Week 4 – Gain skills and knowledge on how to examine the wants and haves of life and how to reframe them into actionable goals.

Week 5 – Harness the power of a positive mindset to change limiting behaviours.

Week 6 – Utilise solution-focused techniques to better approach and overcome difficulties through the neocortex, rather than the limbic system.

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