Course Overview

Essential to your own development as a coach, and to your business, is your reflective practice.   At FIRE UP Coaching we recognise the importance and benefits of feedback from a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) .

This program is developed to support you towards ICF Accreditation, or to professional develop your coaching skills/business.

Delivered over 4 x 2 hour sessions (via webinar), this program is free to current and past students of the Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and the Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.  For others interested in attending, a minimal $200 fee is payable upon registration.

Register your interest via or call 1300 347 387.

Course Structure

Kathy will be conducting formal Mentor Coaching sessions to cover the common challenges new and experienced coaches face.

  • How do I find coaching clients?
  • How do I make a living out of coaching or expand my practice?
  • How do I describe coaching ?
  • How do I identify my niche?
  • Where’s the best networking opportunities?
  • How to deal with being confident enough to coach people for $,
  • Do I need a coaching contract?
  • How do I make a living out of coaching?
  • How to get coaching feedback to know I am on the right track?
  • Getting set up with taping facilities,
  • When do I need insurance?
  • Where to coach if I don’t have an office
  • How to know I am coaching within the ICF Core Competencies.
  • I’ve been coaching for a while, how do I get to the next level?
  • How do I get to coach companies and team?
  • How to coach on the phone?

Forthcoming Course Dates