Course Overview

FIRE UP Coaching specialises in team workshops using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). This tool allows people to explore how thinking styles and preferences differ between team members and how an understanding and appreciation of these differences can lead immediately to a shift in relationships and team cohesion. Recognising that not everyone thinks, in the same way, allows team members to identify opportunities to adapt their own style to better link to the person they are communicating to.

Learning Outcomes

The application of Whole Brain Thinking in a business setting has been identified as a framework for transformation, enhancing collaboration, productivity and performance of both individuals and teams. In a diverse and dynamic culture, it is important for individuals to become more tolerant and accepting of different points of view. It is expected that understanding different thinking styles of individuals will result in more effective communication and improvements in conflict resolution, problem solving, creativity and decision-making.

Course Structure

Key outcomes anticipated are

  • Understanding the HBDI background, research, and the whole brain model
  • Increased understanding of brain functioning and the neurotransmitters that make a conversation evoke either trust or
  • Debriefing their own personal brain dominance profile and discussing thinking styles and preferences with their
  • Understanding each others motivation, communication styles, and competencies
  • Fun in participating in the “chat about” activities to develop awareness of how strongly brain dominance impacts our communication and decision making strategies.
  • Knowledge of natural thinking preferences and how they act as filters
  • Wrap up and agreement of group and individual goals to integrate their learning back in the workplace.

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