GETALIFE SEASON ONE EPISODE EIGHT | How to stay committed to exercise

Kathy and Kylie discuss mindset techniques to help you to want to exercise, and also to stay committed to an exercise program. Every person is different and requires a different approach when it comes to finding out what works to keep us committed to gym.

How to stay committed to exercise – Transcript

Kathy: I’m back here this week with Kylie and we’re gonna be talking about exercise and she’s looking like a sporty spice so she’s ready for it.

And we’re gonna talk about what it is that stops us from being committed to doing exercise.

I’ve been training people for over 20 years and I think the number one topic even before diet is exercise – that people will have coaching sessions signed; that they’ve got good intentions, but they just don’t follow through. So it’s about changing your mindset and starting to think about your own commitment to exercise.

What’s going to make you actually commit to action?

And I’m gonna get some tips off Kylie today about how she works with people to make sure that they actually take it on board themselves.

We all know that people tell us what we “should do” but telling people what they should do is not enough.

Tell me, Kylie, what do you do when you’re working with people to actually make sure that it’s self-initiated and that they actually take responsibility for their own exercise programs?

Kylie: Yes, I think that’s a great point Kathy.

We’re so used to telling people what to do and that doesn’t work and what we’re wanting to do is to try and help people to understand what their mindset is and what’s holding them back from actually getting into an exercise routine.

So when I start with a client I would actually ask some really powerful questions such as asking them like “What exercises do you enjoy?” “What’s worked for you in the past?” and to start to get some understanding of where they’re at and maybe what may work for the future.

Some other questions I may ask is “What’s held you back in the past?” “What is it that’s got in the way before?” “What are the rewards when you do engage in this exercises routine?” “What are gonna be the rewards for that?”

And suddenly a client starts to be empowered with so much that they already know and that gets them moving.

Kathy: Now that’s a really good point that you’re making about asking people what they enjoy.

We only commit to doing the things that we really wanna to do, and…

“If we want to do something, we’re more likely to do it regularly.”

So finding all the… your favorite exercise to do or thinking about whether you’re a person who likes to exercise alone or whether you’re the kind of person who enjoys exercising with someone else.

I know for me, my commitment is greater because I’ve got a personal trainer and come rain or shine I have to show up there on a Friday morning.

What do you find in terms of the difference that it makes to people having someone that they’re committed to?

Kylie: Oh for sure someone that… absolutely it helps to have accountability, support, and someone just to be there who really is on the journey with you makes a massive difference.

And I think when you start looking at setting your goals it’s really important to make them really clear and specific goals and measurable. So when we put a time frame around them, so we start to get really clear, clear outcomes and that also can help us to get better results.

Kathy: How important is it do you think Kylie for someone to have an event or something that they’re aiming for or wanting to strive for?

Kylie: Yeah I think that it is very important and it really helps people to stay focused on an outcome and it gives them anticipation for actually achieving something which I find is really, really, helpful.

Kathy: This week, Kylie and I are setting you a challenge. Our tip is to make sure that you are active every end break when you’re watching TV. So get out of your chair, do something, don’t just think about it, get out of your head and get into action. And then next week we’ll come back and talk about career.


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