In this video Kathy and Kylie discuss techniques on how to find balance in our busy and sometimes chaotic lives.


Kathy: I am here with Kylie again this week and we are talking about balance and what a challenge that is for so many of us.

Kylie, you work with people as much as I do and I find that a big majority of my clients are really struggling with balance. What do you find?

Kylie: Yeah I do find the same Kath, and I think stress is such a big component of that… definitely from my clients.

I think it’s important to realize that a certain amount of stress in your life is okay and quite normal.

But when it starts to impact on you negatively, whether that would be mentally, physically and emotionally, we need to start to look at some ways to start reducing stress.

Kathy: So people need to recognize those times when physically, that stress is starting to impact them. And I do a bit of a check with people around what they are actually focusing on, and what is it that’s causing them to feel a bit out of balance and a bit anxious about things.

One of the things that I find is an issue with a lot of people, is that they are focusing on things they actually can’t control. So you’re not gonna have to manage your stress if you’re paying attention to things that you actually can make no difference with anyway.

So a key part of managing our own balance is to prioritize and think about the things that we can control in our lives and make choices around deciding what we can actually influence or control that will reduce our stress.

What is a technique or something that you use with clients that you find really works?

Kylie: You know Kath I love to use mindfulness with my clients. It’s a wonderful way to help my clients be able to reduce the chaos that’s in their mind and that constant thinking.

And I find that…

“When we can reduce the thinking, suddenly we can start to have more calm in our lives.”

Kathy: So what’s an actual technique, like, if you would to teach me now a mindfulness technique… just walk me through it.

Kylie: Yeah, sure. So what I do is I encourage you to be creative and imagine a stream, a beautiful stream with lovely big leaves on the stream and with those leaves they’re floating down, down, the river and then what happens is we have thoughts coming into our mind and as the thoughts come in, we accept the thought for what they are, and then we allow the thought to pop it on the leaf and let it float away down the stream and we come back to the present moment, so back to what we are doing in here now.

Kathy: So you are telling me if I got a lot of doubts or I am about to go into a meeting or somewhere where I am a little bit stressed about things that I can just take a bit of time out and imagine just letting those negative thoughts just float away down the stream.

I love the thought of that, I think I could do with practicing that more often.

So, I know myself that one of the things is about putting your attention on reducing the chaos.

So by thinking about the things you control but practicing some mindfulness, finding that space, making sure at some point you find an environment that’s most peaceful – if you are in a busy environment that we are on every day.

And that’s what I want to recommend you to try and look at this week.

“Find an environment where you can get some calm in the chaos.”

Roll in the busyness – you know what it’s like, you got kids, family, it’s crazy.

So great to join you and get a technique that I can use.

And next week, we’re gonna talk more about how exercise is also a great way for reducing stress.



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