In this video, Kathy & Kylie discuss eating habit and how to train the mind to help you make healthy food choices. Kathy also shows you how to make her favourite Hummus dip recipe.


Kathy: Hi I’m here with Kylie, and Kylie, I know you’ve been in the fitness industry for the past 18 years and since I met you 8 years ago, you’ve been working with people, coaching them around health and fitness.

So tell me a bit about what you’ve learned when people are struggling with their weight, what are the some of the issues that you’ve noticed are consistent?

Kylie: Look one of the biggest issues I’ve noticed Kathy is that they need to plan and be organized. I find that if my clients and my coaching clients aren’t planning and organizing, they really can fall back in terms of healthy habits.

Kathy: Okay and I can relate to that because it’s something I need to focus on. So I bet you got a simple example today of a dip that I’ll make that is really healthy, but means that I can snack it at the office or home and it’s only a couple of different ingredients.

So first I’m gonna actually get the garlic and just mince it up in my fantastic machine. You know how much I love my thermo mix, so…

Talk to me about what you’ve noticed in relationships to emotional eating.

Kylie: Yeah. Look, what I find is… well, I think that will be the second key factor… is when people can understand a little bit more about how their emotions and their beliefs affect their behaviors, it really, really, helps them to move forward.

And I think what we need to do there is for people to be able to visualize what it is they want and what that might look like, and that really helps them to start to focus on the outcome.

And I find that when people can understand that a little bit more, then they suddenly get more positive self-talk and from that momentum and from that, we get better outcomes.

Kathy: I know myself that if I think about and use my imagination when I’m about to make a choice for eating, it makes me respond differently. So most of us, if we’re just going into “I feel like I need a chocolate or a snack”, we just follow through and eat something that’s not the best choice.

If we actually consciously think about what we want to look like and visualize an image of ourselves… that’s why it’s interesting how many people lose a lot of weight and self-included before they get married cause they got this future date where they got a vision of themselves. So that’s where it’s really important for people to lessen the emotional connection and have more of a visual of themselves and that actually helps to make good choices.

So I’m gonna, just go ahead and just finish the dip. I actually put some beet root in here, a can of cheap peas and the wonderful thing about this machine… and it also weighs things, so I actually wanna have 40 grams of lemon juice in there and then just about maybe 20 of oil… that’s enough. And you can just season it to the taste that you like. I don’t like too much of salt and pepper in mine so just a bit of pepper… a bit of salt. And this is noisy hot calls so I have 30 seconds here where I can just mix it. Great!

Kylie: Beautiful! So this is a great way when we go back to looking at the planning and prioritizing, I really encourage that you write down a plan.

Write down what you intend to aim for the week, when you intend to exercise and what exercise do you intend to do and that can really help us to keep our focus towards what it is we want.

So it really a good way to help you to pay attention to what it is you want.

Kathy: Great and my dip is just serving up here.

So, Kylie, now we got this great yummy home’s dip to tuck into this afternoon and just to remind people that if they wanna have a healthy relationship with their weight, they’ve got to think about it; they’ve got to visualize it, and see it and they’ve got to plan for it.

So thanks for joining me.

Kylie: That’s okay, where are the carrot sticks?

Kathie: Well, I’ll go and find some.


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