In this video Kathy gives you tools to get what you want from life. You will discover how to reach your goals and get those dreams.



It’s great to be back with you this week and if you remember the last thing I asked you to think about last week was “What it is that you want?”

And this week, I promise to share a tool or technique on how to get what you want. The first thing you need to concentrate on if you truly want to get what you want is to focus on the positive.

So often from our upbringings, we’ve been ingrained with negative commands and our mind is full of what we don’t want.

The most important thing is to start to write down and communicate to others what you want that’s positive. And it’s often quite difficult to get out of our comfort zone and start to work towards what we want.

We are often familiar with what it feels like to not get want we want and so it’s a whole new way of thinking and new mindset to start to work towards something that’s positive and to actually be able to visualize what that looks like, know what people will be saying to you when you get what you want, and to feel that sense of success.

So many of us have limiting thoughts about our own ability and that’s what you need to start to shift. But to shift those, you have to do something over and over again to start wearing down those beliefs that “I am not good enough” or “I could not do that” or “I am not capable.”

And when we are coaching people that’s really important is that we don’t give people advice. When we are coaching we want them to get clear on what they want themselves and to devise their own plan of how to get that because you are the expert in your own life and we make that assumption when we’re working with you that you’re creative enough to actually design a plan for your own life.

Start to think about what you actually say to yourself that limits you and find a better statement to make to yourself. If you’re saying, “I don’t think I could do this,” start asking yourself:

“What would be possible if I could?”

 Most of us have got a lot more potentials than we ever realized.

And what I’d like you to focus on this week is, what is the thing that you need to stop saying to yourself? What are you saying to yourself that’s really detrimental to you getting the kind of life that you want? And find a better tagline for yourself.

That’s what I want you to discover this week!:

“What is going to be your positive tagline?”

 Next week we’re gonna come back and talk about how you can enhance relationships and we all know that’s such an important area in our lives.

So stay tuned to be inspired and get some great tips on how you can have the relationships that you deserve.

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