Graham Blackley speaks about what it’s like to train with FIRE UP

In this video one of our talented students, Graham Blackley, speaks about what it’s like to train with FIRE UP. You can watch the video or read the transcription below:

“Well, it’s been incredible because I came on the course last year thinking, gee, I’m going to learn the coaching skills. But what actually happened was I did learn the coaching skills, but I also learned an awful lot about myself, which I think was kind of the surprising, deeply exciting part of it. The program was designed in such a way that it was just so interactive and so experiential. I kind of went home after every single day of the program really thinking deeply and reflecting on what I’d learned.

One of the things that I really noticed, and it’s maybe one of the less tangible aspects of what I observed, was where the coaches would get into such a relaxed state when they were running the coaching session, that that relaxed state that they were in, both visually, but also things like verbally and vocally, it seemed to be contagious. So the person that was being coached would often pick up on that and kind of reflect it back. And I really took that away with me because I think that when you’re running training as I do, it is about being relaxed, but it’s also about being up at the front, jumping around and kind of being entertaining, and sometimes being a little bit the centre of attention. But I loved the way that the coaches, that’s not what they were doing at all. It was like they were handing the baton over to the coachee or the client and kind of letting them run with it.

I think the reason that FIRE UP is different is that everybody that works in the organisation is genuinely really excited and really passionate about what it is that they do. So they’ve got a very strong belief in the power that the coaching has, and that really rubs off on you when you come along in the training. And also I suppose the ability to walk the talk. You know, it is possible sometimes to go to a training course and to have the trainer say one thing and do something completely different. But what we saw in the training course was the coaches would talk about the theories, but then they’d actually get up and roll them into a coaching session really quite effortlessly and comfortably and in a really inspiring way. So I think that makes a big difference.”

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