How does essentialism relate to coaching?

What is the one essential thing that will best serve you to put your energy towards currently?

This is the question posed in Tim Ferris’s podcast interview with Greg McKeown – How to Master Essentialism. Coaching is about asking ourselves and others powerful questions, of which this is one.

As a coach we are finding ways to support our clients in exploring how to achieve their purpose and goals. This podcast is best listened to– then paused for reflection to allow you to journal your thoughts about the discussion (if you are not listening in the car!) and then continued.

We often do not take enough time to think about what we are saying yes to, which then determines how our energy and time it spent. There is sudden proliferation of shows and podcasts getting us to think about what we really value. I had never heard of Marie Kondo until a month ago when in a conversation with one of my graduates, Amanda, she mentioned how much she loved her show. My phone has taken note (or Siri or whoever is listening!) and all of a sudden decided to alert me on every medium of everything Marie Kondo.

Do I want to pay attention to her? Maybe, maybe not, but the real point is about making conscious choices about where to direct your attention. What is absolutely essential for you to focus on?

Technology is designed to keep us going down the rabbit hole. How often can that quick peak at Facebook lead to an hour disappearing. You never get that hour back so was that a choice based on mastering essentialism. Definitely not.

In our coaching course we teach coaches how to support clients in prioritisation. In a world of information overload we need to be continually coming back to asking ourselves what are maintenance tasks vs progress tasks.
Maintenance tasks just keep us at the same point – our daily routines that are necessary to keep order, cleanliness and money coming in the door but do not progress us beyond our current situation. To keep expanding our mind and aligning to our real purpose we must practise progression. Doing what it takes to progress us beyond our current situation towards our desired aspirational space.

I am also reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamotte (another Tim podcast recommendation with Susan Cain – you have probably gathered I am a huge Tim fan!!) and early on she talks about telling our truth.

What is your truth and what makes you who you are?
Engaging a coach is a great way to uncover your truth and dispel with the myths that have become thought viruses and keep you from living your fullest potential.
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