I was on a plane recently and noticed someone reading ‘The Secret’. It took great effort on my part to quell my curiosity and not start asking questions to explore what changes they may be seeking. (You will be pleased to know I did mind my own business!)

As a coach, I notice that many times people think the solution is something hidden from them when, in fact, most people really do know what they need to do to create change. It’s not a secret; it’s about unearthing what it is you need to do differently to get what you want. It’s about making a commitment to break the patterns of the past and ingrain new habits for future success.

Such is the case with making change around your financial position. Recently, in an article about what makes Warren Buffet successful, the journalist attributed his success to his constant thirst for knowledge and willingness to embrace learning. This is key for most successful people. They read, they study other successful people and they work on personal growth and development.

If you do not feel worthy of financial success, you need to put focus, energy, and attention on building new pathways of thought. Explore the importance and value of having the success you deserve and pay attention to the inner critic or voice that stops you from getting what you deserve. Change that voice; find a supportive ally to replace that dialogue.

This is called reframing and is a powerful tool for change.

Research shows that we can alter our brains’ neural pathways, which is great news for all of us in realising that CHANGE is a CHOICE. By deciding to activate new ways of thinking, we create new neural pathways, and, with repetition and focus, we can make new beliefs and behaviour a way of being.

Creating both spiritual and material wealth is about continually growing and expanding the parameters of what you know to be true. Tim Ferriss, in his book Tribe of Mentors’, records one mentor’s practice of changing their mind about one thing every day. When we go about the day with this kind of attention it opens us up to reflection and new opportunities to see things differently.

You may hear the sceptics say, “I don’t have time for reading” or “I’ve had enough of studying” but learning happens in so many ways. Be open and think about
getting out of your comfort zone.

Recognise that for many of us our comfort zones are the first signs of rigid thinking and fixed mindsets. Funnily enough, for many, it is actually a very uncomfortable zone that keeps them wallowing in the same old limiting thought patterns, repeating the same excuses when the reality is that there
are many ways to find joy in life.

It’s no secret; if you don’t have the mental, physical or material wealth you want or desire you need to pursue new or alternative pathways to learning and growing personally. Set an intention. Get clear on your action and make the decision to move in a different direction. Trust yourself and instead of ‘The Secret’, may I suggest that for financial success you go and get ‘The Barefoot Investor’ by Scott Pape.

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