It’s Getting Crowded Out There!!

I am almost a little sheepish now when I am travelling to say what I do.

I recently attended my brother Robby’s wedding at Dundee Beach south of Darwin to his beautiful Betty.  It was absolutely the most perfect setting and the most amazing ceremony.  It was our own Top End wedding – complete with magnificent sunsets and dazzling bride.  They had their own #robbyfoundhisbettyhalf and it was wonderful to be part of such a happy celebration.

I find myself at such events when the after party starts trying to avoid the conversation of “what do you do?”  Why?  Because everyone is a coach these days!  My brain dominance is high right cerebral – I want to be different – I like to be unique.  I don’t want to be considered the “same” as all the other coaches.

Fortunately at a wedding party the easiest way to shift a conversation is to ask the other person a great question that has nothing to do with work.  What did you love most about the ceremony?  How did you meet Robby and Betty?  It shifts the conversation nicely in another direction.

It is in the corporate setting that we cannot side step the question or the conversation and you need to be well prepared with your unique selling point.  You are a coach but what makes you stand out?

At our recent FIRE UP Conference in Noosa we tackled the question of how do we make sure FIRE UP is in itself a USP. Our alumni put together a vision for us to aim for.

“For the FIRE UP Alumni to be a representation of the best coaches possible with the highest level of skill and qualifications maintained for their entire career”

We are committed – we want to ensure that you graduate with the highest level of skill and a strong sense of confidence in your ability to coach.  We want to nurture you to becoming ICF Accredited.  We want to ensure the support is there when you need it.

To ensure that the meet ups and connection continues post the conference Steve Taylor is going to be leading our Melbourne meet ups every 3rd Friday and 4th Tuesday of the month.

We are working to launch the youth program I spoke about in a previous newsletter.  Thank you to all of you who communicated your interest in being part of it.  I will keep you posted as it progresses.

My own Mentor Coaching with Master Coach Peter Barr is helping me to evolve my skills to the next level and I recognise with my own journey how critical it is to continue giving our students the opportunity to keep growing. We never stop evolving.

I had a great moment on my trip to Arnhem land after the wedding.  As a coach of course I love asking questions.  Our Aboriginal guide Tony took us to Injaluk. I was full of questions about the rock art and paintings.  Tony gave me brief answers but I still had so much more I wanted to understand.  It was only when we had lunch that our tour driver mentioned Tony is not permitted to tell women some of the stories and hence why some of the explanations seemed brief.

I had this blinding flash of the obvious.  Just be present.  Enjoy the magnificent beauty.  Get out of your head needing to know and just experience the art from the heart.  This is what many of our students need to do.  Stop needing to know.  Be present in the moment with your client.  Allow yourself to feel what is going on.

That is what makes us great as coaches.

Learning comes in all forms and at FIRE UP we value the opportunity to be part of your evolution.

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