Meet Barb – Training facilitator for FIRE UP

Meet Barb Tyndall, one of FIRE UP’s expert facilitators. Watch the video above to find out what Barb loves most about coaching, or read the transcript below:

“What I really like about being a FIRE UP facilitator is that I get to work with team of absolute experts in their field. We see a big shift in the people who come into the courses in general.

People sometimes think that coaching is all about finding something wrong with themselves that they have to fix, but it’s not. It’s finding out, “How can I be the best that it’s possible for me to be?”

So one of my foundational questions often is, “It’s March 2015. By March 2016, what would you really like to be better at? What would you like to be doing better?” And that gives people a really good starting point to think, “Well, okay, what would I like to work on, and where do I focus my attention?” And once people start thinking that way, it’s quite phenomenal what they achieve.

I see people go out of these courses – the Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and the Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring – they set up very respectable businesses, and a lot of the people who work through the diploma particularly end up promoted in their organisations.

We see them grow and develop as leaders. They learn this whole concept of emotional intelligent leadership. They learn about neuroleadership, how the brain impacts on people’s responses in the workplace. They learn about positive psychology and they apply it.

The thing that inspires me most about the training and facilitation role is that every group I go into is different, and they bring a very special synergy into the room. And I learn a very great deal from that. I mean, the people we work with are experienced, energetic, creative people who are looking to do something different with their lives.”

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