November Newsletter

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching

Why we love the story of Michelle and Stevie Payne.

On Friday November 6th I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker to open the second day of the Association of Queensland Nurse Leaders (AQNL) annual conference. The theme of the Conference was Illuminating the Path – Professional Enlightenment for the Nurse Leader and my session was on Neuroscience in Nursing.

It was only about 2 weeks before the conference that I got into serious preparation mode and thought I had better look at who the other speakers were, and what topics they were doing.  When I opened the agenda for Day 1 of the Conference, it was to be opened by Rosie Batty and Day 2 was to be closed by Duncan Armstrong.  No pressure being on the same bill as those two!

I agonised over how to really ensure my presentation was engaging and relevant when I know how challenging the role of being a Nurse Leader is, in 2015.  I was also probably doing what many of us are guilty of doing prior to important presentations or events, where our desire is really high to be our best.  I was comparing myself to others and doubting myself – both of which are very poor strategies if you want to be successful in front of 130 people.

Now fortunately for me I have learned some techniques for calming myself along the way (in fact many of those techniques I have taught to so many of you!).  However, the big reminder for me was to stop self sabotaging and focus on my own ability. That came on Cup Day.

Who didn’t have a weep watching that amazing example of love and achievement?

What Michelle and Stevie inspired in anyone watching was the importance of having a dream.  They taught us that dreams take a lot of commitment and attention to manifest, that in turn reminded me to stand up and be my best!

If you want to overcome the obstacles to achieving your best, you have to keep putting in the effort and believing in yourself.

So thank you to both Michelle and Stevie, for being so amazing and authentic and also for giving me the best possible end to my keynote.

My second last slide was one saying “Use your strengths and be the best you can be”

My final slide was this fabulous photo of them both.  It bought the house down creating an instantaneous round of applause from the audience and making me well up yet again!

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