5 Reasons you need a Career Coach

Recently I presented at a conference with 300 people in the room and when asked how many had their careers mapped out it was a small proportion that raised their hands.  When I followed this up with a question about who visualised their future actively and regularly there was even less hands in the air.  My third question was who had a mentor or coach in relation to their career and once again it was a very small number overall.

I worked in the travel industry for a period of time and now as I reflect back I find it fascinating that many people spend more time planning for their holidays and annual leave than for their career and financial success.

Hence the 5 reasons you need a career coach are:

  1. Getting clear on what career fits best with your values and strengths
  2. Expanding your vision of what is possible for you
  3. Putting together a plan to achieve your aspirational career goals
  4. Practising powerful self-image techniques and visual imagery to support confidence
  5. Supporting you to stay focused until you reach your goal

Let me expand on how we achieve those outcomes.

Firstly to get you clear on what career fits best we utilise the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) which gives you a wealth of information about how you work best and your preferred thinking preferences.  We have been using this in the Aboriginal Career Development Coaching Program with the VPSC for the past 3 years and participants rate it as one of the most valuable parts of the program.

We also utilise either the VIA Strengths questionnaire from Martin Seligman’s website or the Gallup Strengthfinder 2.0.  Either tool gives you great insights into what careers will fulfil your potential most.

Secondly to expand a vision of what is possible we use a tool called the Vision Walk.  Based on the work of Robert Dilt’s called the Logical Levels we step you through understanding your environment, behaviours, capabilities, values, identity and how these link to your vision.  It is a powerful spacial process that awakens our deeper wisdom about what is possible for you.

Once we have worked with you to identify your vision and aspirations we utilise a number of practical templates to plan the steps and document clearly your intentions and commitments.

A powerful piece for any of us in career planning is engaging the visual hemispheres of our mind – there is a reason for that old saying “seeing is believing”.  The more we can build the reality in our mind the stronger our beliefs become, which enables us to confidently pursue our goals.

Finally a career coach is the one in your corner keeping you accountable in a supportive and non-judgemental way.  When you hit barriers and blocks they are there to help you to find ways to overcome them and continue your progress to a brighter future.

I don’t believe that failing to plan is planning to fail – more so that failure to plan puts you at the mercy of fate and wouldn’t you much prefer to direct your destiny.

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