Video transcript
For all of us, we have to identify and have the desire to change, and then get a vision for where you want to be. No matter what the big organisation is doing, it’s possible in your team to have a vision of excellence.

I’m working with a number of teams around how they’re going to truly do patient centered care in a better way in their team. So, it’s up to you to think about, “Okay, what’s our desire to change? What’s our vision, and what is the first step?” So, that’s what it needs.

I want you to think about an area where you would like to create some change. And you need to ramp up the desire. Often, if you’re in a leadership role — how many of you are in leadership roles? Okay, so you need to often, do you ever feel like you have to pump the team up a little bit? Okay, so often you have to role model that desire and that enthusiasm before you can expect anyone else to come along with you.

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