GETALIFE Season one Episode one | Shift Your Mindset – Change Your Life!

Welcome to episode one, the beginning of our 12-week journey on discovering how to enhance relationships, shift our mindsets, and create positive habits


Shift your mindset Change your life! – Transcript

I am really excited to be sharing a journey with you over the next 12 weeks.

And part of what that makes me so passionate about what I do, is understanding what it takes to actually create change in your life.

I always find of using a quite amusing when I’m introducing myself and sharing a bit of my background. I am the third oldest of 12 children so I’ve got three brothers and eight sisters. That is quite a dynamic when you talk about communication.

It is really important that we create our own identities that we don’t actually keep referring back to the roles or the rules or where we fit into the family context. Even it is positive, we still need to think about who we want to be and how we going to get to that point.

And as families and family dynamic change, how you can actually change yourself to stay in a space where those relationships are joyous and where they’re happy. Because often what happens, is that as things change in family dynamics relationship sour and people don’t know how to get back to that place of joy.

The fire up actually stands for Focus, Intention, Results, Evaluate, Upgrade, and Perform.

Because really the first step with people is to notice what their current Focus is.

So, in order to recognize what someone’s Focus is we have a whole lot of tools that we work with. Our conscious mind is very limited. There is only so much that you can consciously pay attention to, moment to moment.

So, over the next 12 weeks will going to talk about the ways in which you can enhance relationships. We’ll also going to work with understanding more about the habits and the thinking that you need to actually change or upgrade if you want to have the kind of life that you want.

We all got bad habits, we all have got patterns that don’t serve us.

So, will going to share with you ways you can actually shift those mindsets that stopping you from having that great relationship, the health, and fitness that you want or the kind of career that’s would be really fulfilling and engaging for you.

A lot of people think that lots of things need to change for them to actually get the kind of life that they want. What I’ve learned over the years is that

Not everything has to change for everything to change.”

Now what that means is just finding the place in your life where you can make shifts there that has a domino effect.

So For instance, if someone is on the financial stress that will have an impact on their relationship, often on their health and fitness and the way that they actually operate in the world.

Getting financially secure will then help them to get more balance in other areas of their life. So that what I mean, not everything has to change for everything to change and for each of us is about finding that tipping point where is that you need to start in order to create the life that you want.

I am really excited to be on this journey with you and the parting thought I want to leave you with is, what is it that you actually want? Ask yourself the question, what do I want? And next week I look forward to working with you to help you to create what it is that you want.


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