So Long 2015 and Hello 2016!

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching

I am a very optimistic person when it comes to business and life but I can openly and honestly say to you that last year dealt out some tough love!

How was your 2015?  I can pull out the clichés – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger etc etc but the reality is if we don’t keep learning we will keep running the same patterns.

What is your plan for the year.  What is the difference that will make the difference?

It was a tough year in business for many but for me the loud and clear message is that it is time to move into the technical age and overcome some fears about online learning and the digital world.

Time to stop procrastinating about being a digital native and get learning!

Our theme for 2016 as a result of my reflection on 2015 is CONNECTION.

We want to make sure we stay connected with the amazing clients we have and reach out to those who have not yet had a chance to be FIRED UP!

Start with connecting with me tonight and for the next 3 weeks on Get a Life.  Join me tonight and for the next 3 weeks on Channel 74 Get A Life for tips on Career.  You can easily see our other tips from past episodes on

This year is the year to stop thinking about what you deserve and go for it. Decide on an old limiting belief that just has to go and get serious about changing it.  I have used the book the Abundance Code by Julie Ann Cairns to help set my new beliefs for 2016.

What will you do to help you?

We want to connect in 2016 and we want to support you in achieving what you deserve so follow us on Facebook and twitter and lets make this a year to remember.


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