The ripples of change are becoming a tidal wave!

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching

I have been reflecting as I come up to 20 years of running my own business on how massively different the world is now to when I optimistically started my little venture 20 years ago.

The pace at which change happens has accelerated massively and as a result people feel incredibly challenged and overwhelmed.  It is no wonder that coaching is now seeing exponential growth and it is exciting to be have been at the crest of the wave as it has developed.  This means now looking at how we as a coaching company keep in front of the curve and for me I have committed to that being our strong foundations of accreditation.

When I first decided to align to the International Coach Federation (ICF) I was not sure that ultimately they would be the recognised professional body for coaches.  Fortunately it has become an absolute powerhouse thanks to the leadership of Magda Mook and I am extremely proud that our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) status has been renewed for another 3 years.  It takes much rigour to maintain such accreditation but seeing the quality of our coaches and having them involved in FIRE UP Projects often when they have only just graduated I see first hand the capability and skill that people develop over that 6-12 months.

FIRE UP has great opportunities and as such our head office is relocating to Queensland from the end of 2017.   I want to thank my Melbourne team for their incredible loyalty and support and wish Alana and Julie all the best in their new ventures as they transition this month.  Tiff left us last year but she, Lynne and Anna all deserve a public thank you for their incredible contributions to our growth and success. I also want to acknowledge the support of Barb Tyndall and Maryanne Martin who many of you have trained with and to whom I owe much for their friendship and support in the past 2 years particularly.   Terry-Lyn Stevens may be in Sydney but is always ready to do FIRE UP NSW projects and I am fortunate that Kylie Stewart will continue to carry the training baton in conjunction with me in Victoria as we move forward.

Helen Storr, Susan Ryan and Suzi Finkelstein have also made fantastic contributions and I thank them for their support.  Graham Blackley also deserves a special mention for his training genius.

FIRE UP Victoria has just won some exciting new projects and our team of contractors in Victoria will continue to do great work.  Deidre Dattoli, Kylie Stewart, Kathy Wilton and Steve Taylor are all currently working with the Victorian Public Sector Commission on the Aboriginal Career Development Planning Project and I am sure are finding it as rewarding as I am.

Our next Certificate IV Program which will be my swan song in Victoria as I hand the batton and transition to Queensland and commences on July 25th and 26th – Take advantage of our special offer before the EOFY and save $1000.00 off the total program cost if registered and paid the deposit by 30 June 2017.

I am going to be heading north slowly in the Trakka over the next few months and back for training every few weeks so excited about having the freedom and time to do lots of writing and blogging as I travel and will have time to nut out the next 20 years!  We now have Victoria and Queensland done – the wider world awaits.

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