What are the invisible forces that determine the way your life unfolds?

We are all so unique in how the billions of connections in our brain are organised. How do you know what you are filtering out? How do you know what you don’t know?

How do you determine what you pay attention to?

The reality is that our pre-conscious filters are determining what will come to our conscious mind. Organisations run programs on unconscious bias in an attempt to get people to open their minds to realities that they cannot see or comprehend.

A one day course is not enough.

If you want to start reshaping your life why leave it to others to try and raise your awareness. Take charge yourself.

Ultimately only you can determine if you want to become a more expanded thinker leading a full and inspired life. You have to get conscious and consistently challenge yourself to see realities you didn’t previously see.

It occurred to me when I was riding my bike on Sunday morning along the beautiful coastline of the Sunshine Coast how amazing the forces of nurture and nature are.

I was wearing my new heart monitor that meant my phone was telling me every 2 kilometers how I was tracking, time and average heart rate. I thought I was doing so well when I got to the first round about in record time. I powered around the corner to the left feeling strong.

I sped through the second, third and fourth round about.  Heart rate good, speed great and feeling chuffed at how I had improved.

When we get to the fourth round about we loop under the road and head back the way we came towards home.

I could not believe the force of the wind as it all of a sudden was head on.

I had thought I was driving the speed on the way but it was now very evident that there had been a strong tail wind all the way.

What a great analogy I thought.

We think we are the driving force when in actual fact there is a much greater force of nature at play.

When we spend time programming our unconscious it sets us up to have that strong force driving us. We don’t have to think about it – it just speeds us along.

I liken the time our students spend over 4 modules of 16 days to the tail wind. Over the modules it becomes easier and easier to think positively, reframe your own beliefs, align to your values and support others in a way that is empowering and nurturing.

Coaching or coach training are powerful ways to not just change but transform who you are and how you live.

If you are ready for that change contact us to join the next programs in Brisbane or Melbourne or book your one on one coaching.

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