What can you do today, to be better?

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching

What can you do today, to be better?

Help Sisterworks help, that’s what !!!

You may be like me and have never heard of Sisterworks until now.  Last night I attended a night hosted by this amazing and wonderful group of women and heard about their dreams.

So first who are they?

SisterWorks is a grassroots social enterprise that supports vulnerable women who are seeking asylum, or have refugee and migrant background (Sisters), to become entrepreneurs or to have work experience in Australia that allows them to become self-sufficient and independent. (http://www.sisterworks.org.au/)

What was last night about?

It was called ‘A Night of Dreams’ and we had the privilege to hear from many women, who have arrived here as asylum seekers and refugees, talk about their dreams.  They did not talk about the barriers, even though reading their stories it is obvious there had to be many- learning the language, overcoming the traumas they have escaped, coping with a new and very different culture.  This is not what they spoke about.  They spoke about hope, visions of their own businesses and their future being happy.  Their stories demonstrate that no matter who we are or where we come from, if we can find a safe supportive environment where we are accepted and encouraged, all kinds of things are possible.

Luz who is the driver behind Sisterworks is a great example of authentic leadership.  Passionate and Purposeful.  Luz has built a strong supportive positive community that allows these women to not just dare to dream, but matches them with mentors who can help them reach their potential.

I watched with admiration as these gutsy strong women from the Congo, Pakistan, Syria, Colombia, Liberia and Rwanda declared their dreams with beautiful glowing smiles.

And here is the great bit – you can help make a difference to them today just by voting for them to win a prize that will supply much needed funds to continue their great work.

Please vote for SisterWorks in the ‘Dreams for a Better World’ competitionSisterWorks dreams to build a better world for vulnerable women who are seeking asylum, or have refugee and migrant background, who are living in Melbourne. Women who just need an opportunity move into work. 

To vote for SisterWorks:
1. Follow the link 
2. Vote for SisterWorks Inc
Confirm your vote via email

4. Share the link with your friends if you can


What quality do great leaders possess?

Carolyn Creswell  is the Founder of Carmans Health Foods and last night spoke at the event for Sisterworks.

She won me before she even started because of her Humility.

She started by saying that she felt a bit conscious of the fact that she was about to get up and talk about success, when we had just heard so many stories from women overcoming incredible obstacles, that could just as easily be inspiring us with their lessons and learnings along the way.

Humility – the definition of humility is “the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.” This was a quality demonstrated by Carolyn from the moment she commenced her presentation.  Many leaders fail to recognise how important this quality is in making others around them  feel empowered and valued.  By not putting herself on a pedestal and telling her story as an “ordinary” girl who grew up with values of hard work and appreciation, Carolyn created a connection with every person in the room with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Her message to open was “What can I do today to be the best I can be?” Imagine if we all consciously paid attention to that question each morning.  What would be do differently as a result?

Her passion and love for what she has created has not dwindled.  Last week whilst in Sydney at the airport she went to put something in the bin and noticed the wrappers from 3 Carmans muesli bars and was so excited that she whipped out her camera to capture the moment.   Passion and pride – such important components of keeping us resilient when things are not easy.

There was certainly strong examples from Carolyn of when it has not been easy and being down to the last $10 but trusting that it would work out.  She has had the debilitating experience of being harassed for money, being turned down by the banks and living hand to mouth.  Resilience, purpose and a moment of success just when it was needed for a boost are all part of her story.  That story now translates to  someone in the world buying a Carmans product every 2 seconds.  Now think about that for an achievement!

Her parting message was one that I agree with wholeheartedly.

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space” Jill Bolte Taylor

Thanks Carolyn for an inspiring talk and introducing us to Jill Bolte Taylor who will be our recommended TED Talk for this month.

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