What will make you proud?

When we coach people we focus on helping them to gain perspective and stay present with what is possible for them. Only humans regret the past, blame in the present and worry about the future. It often takes someone else to get us to recognise and acknowledge our own strengths and potential, and get a plan down on paper so that we can track our progress.

When we focus on all the areas where we are succeeding in life and take pride in our achievements it helps us to override the brains natural tendency to track towards the negative. “Negative events generally have more impact than positive ones. For example it’s easy to acquire feelings of learned helplessness from a few failures, but hard to undo those feelings, even with many successes (Seligman 2006)” Buddhas Brain, Hanson & Mendius 2009.

We accelerate our achievement of goals when we not only write them down but start visualising achieving them. At a recent conference of 300 people I was presenting to I asked who positively visualised themselves on a regular basis. Virtually no-one raised their hand. What a great opportunity it was to educate them all to the power of seeing and believing!

This time of the year is a great time to take time out and imagine what you want for 2019.

What will make you proud?

How do you go about achieving that?

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