What’s your niche?

By Kathy McKenzie, Director FIRE UP Coaching

One of the areas that is most challenging for new coaches when setting up their own businesses, is getting new clients and marketing themselves.  One of the critical factors to being successful, is being able to very clearly identify who your ideal referral is.  It is key to know who your target market is and what demographic you are aiming for.

Many years ago when I first set up the business, I joined BNI (Business Network International) and you had one minute to give your ideal referral.  I soon learnt that being vague or non specific meant getting no referrals!

The most common error that new coaches make is trying to be all things to all people.  Being a “life coach” is definitely an example of that.  Marketing yourself in a general category increases the amount of competition you have. Clients will be comparing you to the multitude of other life coaches. In the photo above I am with 2 of my wonderful graduates, Wendy Fauvel and Melanie Schilling.  We were meeting about a project we are currently collaborating on as well as hearing all about Mel’s exciting gig on “Married at First Sight”.  Being the celebrity she is now, Mel of course, was posing so that we could tweet and facebook to our hearts content!!

This is a classic example of getting really specific about your niche.  Mel is a dating coach and has a passion for TV.  She clearly set her intention around combining her passion and this is the opportunity that manifested.  We were laughing about the saying we use often which is – “Be careful what you ask for you, just might get it!”.  Along with the great opportunity to be part of the show and publicity, comes the potential for judgements from anonymous social media critics with strong opinions about reality television shows.  However, all of that is beyond Mel’s control and hence she is just loving living her dream.

If you want to get clearer on how to identify your niche and get started in your coaching business join Kathy for a free webinar on July 29th at 12pm.

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