Meet Our Life Coaches

  • Kathy
    Kathy McKenzie - DIRECTOR & COACH

    Kathy is recognised as a leader in the field of coaching, both as a practising coach and as an educator. She has diverse national and international experience and an exceptional ability to fully engage people with powerful and applicable messages. Studies and practical experience over 25 years has given her a depth of understanding of how to develop human potential.

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  • Fireup coaching australia for business and personal
    Terry-Lyn Stevens - Coach & Senior Facilitator

    Terry-Lyn has ten years experience in training students in Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring. She is also a qualified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation and has over eighteen hundred hours of professional coaching experience.

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  • Fireup coaching for business and personal
    Kylie Stewart - Coach & Facilitator

    Kylie is a highly qualified, dynamic and energetic coach and facilitator and a certified wellness coach, life coach, and personal trainer. Having owned and operated her own successful business for the past twelve years, Kylie has firsthand experience of leading, empowering, educating and inspiring people.

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  • Fireup coaching for business and personal
    Deidre Dattoli - Coach & Facilitator

    Deidre is highly experienced in the field of executive and leadership development. Her area of expertise lies in helping individuals and leadership teams to understand, access and leverage their authentic selves in order to realise their full potential, spiritually, emotionally and visually. She leads them on unique journey’s of self discovery designed to identify and change ineffective, and limiting thought and belief patterns, creating breakthroughs in individual and team performance.

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  • Dinda Selig
    Lynn Levitt - Coach & Facilitator

    Lynn has a Diploma of Business & Management, Cert IV in Personal & Business Life Coaching, a qualified Trainer & Assessor and also a Certified Practitoner of the world leading Goal Mapping Program using Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence (EI)strategies to create change for her clients.
    Lynn started the Life & Wealth Academy with the goal of educating people on the necessary skills to manage everything that ‘Life’ throws at us with a particular focus on Money, Relationships and Purpose.

  • Craig Team Coach
    Craig Levitt - Coach & Facilitator

    Hands-on, solution focused experienced Trainer, Executive Coach, Marketing, Market Research & Business Management Professional with a career demonstrating expertise and outstanding performance in sales, business start-up, growth, operational management and training and development. An innovative problem solver with the ability to develop solutions for a wide range of business and industry scenarios, Craig combines visionary leadership and business acumen with exceptional interpersonal skills.  He is accustomed to leading teams of professionals and has the proven ability to interpret, explain and deliver sometimes complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

  • Man In suit
    Steve Taylor - Coach & Facilitator

    Steve is a fun interactive coach that is passionate to help people achieve higher level of performance, both physically and mentally. He strives for excellence with every task and lead with determination and enthusiasm. He uses a combination of coaching with a mix of physical and psychological tools to help others unlock, realise and use their own untapped potential.

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  • Fireup coaching for business and personal
    Greg Sellar - Coach

    Greg specialises in mindset and performance coaching, having spent the last 23 years helping individuals and companies develop their skills and broaden their thinking.

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  • Amaud Profile Photo
    Arnaud Trevisani - Coach

    Arnaud is a very engaging and result-driven trainer. He uses in all his training a very unique and innovative training method called Fun & Efficient Learning. Based on key neuro-sciences findings, this method puts trainees in motion through short and active exercises and helps make them emotionally engaged so that the levels of attention and retention are maximized. As a result, the training becomes more fun and enjoyable for the trainees, and more impactful for the client/trainer.


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