Our vision

A world where everyone is encouraged to realise their individual strength and potential.

Our Mission

To offer people the tools and training needed to evolve and realise their full potential, leading to transformations of themselves and their organisations.

We believe that:

  • You can achieve more than you think.
  • There’s always room for growth.
  • It’s never too late to learn.
  • You can achieve things you never thought possible.
  • Challenging yourself is the key to development.
  • With the right tools you can change your world.

Our story

The first seed of what was to become FIRE UP Coaching® was planted back in 1998. Since then we’ve grown to become Australia’s leading provider of accredited coaching and personal development training.

Our training is based on the strong belief that each person has the potential to grow, develop new skills and inspire others to do the same. We realise this by offering our students tools to grow their confidence, in their professional roles as well as in their private lives.

Our hard, pioneering work has earned us a place as thought leaders in our field. The courses we have developed are now used throughout Australasia; our work has a direct impact on the direction in which our industry is moving. This makes us truly proud and humbled.

Whether we are improving students’ skills and confidence levels for a current professional role, or offering knowledge and expertise that leads to a promotion or a new career – our courses have the power to change lives.

We are focused on upholding our reputation as the most credible training organisation in the industry. That’s why every day we apply respected and proven techniques in our training as we work exclusively with facilitators who are highly regarded within their fields.


I’m really proud of the fact that we’ve been able to create a program that combines a whole range of fascinating areas like neuroscience and emotional intelligence and we’ve put it together as a qualification that really enriches people’s lives personally and professionally.

We’ve managed to create a diploma of leadership coaching and mentoring that is not only an Australian qualification but an international qualification and it’s also training that people love.

We have our own coaching conversation model called REACH and that stands for rapport, explore, action, clarifier, and honor. So, it’s a very holistic approach to coaching where the whole conversations about first the connection that you have with the person then being able to, not just skate on the surface. But really get underneath and have an authentic conversation about what’s real for that person.

One of the great things about the team that I’ve got here, is that all of our facilitators have come through the program. We handpick people from those courses to actually then, inspire other people and train the next lot of courses.

It’s actually very humbling when you think of the impact that you do have because when you’re training people and what seems almost innate to us at times, it’s really humbling to be able to pass that on in a way and to share with a team of facilitators a common passion and value around helping people and yeah that makes you feel you know it makes you feel quite humble to be part of that journey.

And it’s also exciting to see what people do so I love hearing when people have had amazing wins with people that previously they’d really been stuck with.